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Zoom Connection

For those of you who are meeting with us remotely, we are going to try something new. In an effort to help connect people in our online community, we're going to start having a Zoom Connection at the conclusion of each service, beginning this Sunday, January 10th. At the beginning and the end of each service, a link to the Zoom Connection will be posted both on the screen and in the YouTube chat bar. If you'd like to connect with others from the church who are also meeting remotely, just click the link (or type it into your browser) immediately following the service to join us.  It will be a little like mingling with each other after a normal Sunday service as we say "hi" and catch up. But even if you don't say a thing, we hope that just seeing familiar faces and hearing each other's voices will remind us in our relative isolation that we are not alone, but continue to be an integral part of the family of God.  As with anything new, the first couple of weeks might have a few "hiccups", so please bear with us as we figure it all out. But we hope you will join us and enjoy connecting with our Rock family. 

Here is the Zoom Connection link for this Sunday: