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"Teach Us to Pray"

Even though Jesus' disciples had been praying as faithful Jews their whole lives, when they saw Jesus pray they realized that they were missing something, so they requested, "Lord, teach us to pray!". Today, prayer is probably even more of a mystery to many Christians; so much so that some hardly pray at all. Yet, prayer is such a gift and opportunity and an essential component to growing in our Christian lives. 

So, on Thursday nights at 6:30, prior to our regular prayer time, Pastor Shawn will be leading a workshop that explores the wonderful world of prayer that God has made available to us. There will be practical teaching, discussion, and opportunities to practice what we are learning. Even if you are not ready or willing to pray out loud in front of others, come to learn of the incredible breadth and depth of prayer. Then, if you would like, stay and practice what you are learning during our regular prayer time beginning at 7:15.