Good Friday Service

Join us via Zoom for our Good Friday service this Friday at 7 PM. We will turn our hearts to the story of His crucifixion, to prayer, to worship, and to some of Christ's last words to His disciples (and to us).  Please also prepare your own bread and wine/juice to celebrate the Lord's Supper with us.
You can join the service by going to:


Resources for YOU and your FAMILY

Are you feeling a bit cooped up with all this social distancing? Well, here's some relief. The Rock has taken a subscription to Right Now Media for anyone who would like to grow in Christ themselves or contribute to the discipleship of their children. This media package that is now available to you, your friends and your family has hundreds of children's lessons and entertainment videos, dozens of Bible Studies, and a plethora of other resources that you are sure to enjoy. You can set it up as a regular app on your Roku or Apple TV devices so that you and your kids can access the material directly. It's perfect for these days of quarantine! 

You can use it by setting up your own free account through the Rock by clicking here or by texting "RightNow RockCMA" to 41-411.

Stay Home Order and How it Affects the Rock

Just one week ago, the Governing Board of the Rock discussed our continuing response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the recommendations our community and national leaders are making to us concerning gatherings of people and potential exposure to the virus. After prayer and discussion, we published a list of recommendations pending future events. Well, those events came fast a furious over the last seven days, culminating today with Governor Little's declaration of a "stay at home" order for the next 21 days for everyone but essential personnel and businesses. What this means is that our hiatus from worship services and many ministries is going to be extended. 

As of right now, the Rock will suspend all public activities and services at least until the Stay Home Order is lifted.  Then the Governing Board will evaluate when it is appropriate to resume public services.  This means that in addition to the kids Happy Day musical, and the Women’s Retreat, there will be no public Holy Week services, including Palm Sunday and Easter. The Governing Board will meet again on March 31st to consider future decisions in accordance with how the situation has evolved.

What about Streaming Services?

At the present time, David Mather has purchased the device needed to enable us to do a live-stream of our service, but we don't know if we will be able to get it up and running by this Sunday. Even if we did, we will have to determine if producing a live stream from the church building would be a violation of the "stay at home" order. If we are not able to do the live stream from the church this weekend, no matter what the reason, we will make a video of this week's message available on the App or Web site as we did last week. If there are any further developments concerning this, we will let you know. 

What about groups of 10 or smaller?

The "stay at home" order effectively supersedes previous guidelines from government sources. This order indicates that we should not meet in any groups outside of our own family units until the 15th. This is a difficult order to keep as we all long to spend time with our friends and relatives. It will be especially difficult for families with school-aged children at home. So, while we are unable to meet each other in person, make sure to connect with one another by phone or online, as we all need other members of the body of Christ in our lives. 

What about Kids on the Rock?

We miss your kids and the opportunity to partner with you in their discipleship. But we still want to help. So, parents should be on the look out for a set of lessons from our Kids on the Rock team that will soon be coming through the mail. These fun lessons are a great lead up to Easter Sunday and will help to keep Jesus at the forefront of the season. By the time they are done with their lessons, they will have the makings of a fun puzzle. If you don't get one in the next few days, it could be that we don't have a goood current address. Just contact the church office and we'll make sure you get one. 

What about Easter?

It appears that celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday will have to be done online. We will do everything we can technologically to provide a special time of worship and the Word on that Sunday. But rest assured that the very first Sunday we return to worshiping together in one place it will be Resurrection Sunday! No virus will rob us of the joy of declaring together, hand-in-hand, the glorious salvation of Jesus made possible in His death and resurrection. 

Is there any way for groups to meet online for prayer or study or just fellowship?

Yes! Several groups have been able to meet over the last week using a program called Zoom.  In our last update I told you that Zoom can be used for free in 40 minute increments. But to eliminate the inconvenience of stopping and starting meetings in that time-frame, we have subscribed to Zoom as a church. This means that if leaders would like to host a meeting of their group or ministry team, they can contact the office and get the credentials needed to host a Zoom meeting. We are also investigating the feasibility of doing a live Zoom service on Sunday where anyone can log into the service and participate together.  

What about ministry opportunities?

I’m glad you are asking such a question, because opportunities to minister to each other and our community will abound during this season. But it will require creativity, sensitivity, and compassion if we are going to reach out. Not only are people dealing with illness, isolation and fear, but there are going to be very real economic consequences for many people who are already economically vulnerable both within the church and outside of it. Up until now, the Elders and Governing Board have had to focus on simply regaining our footing on the constantly shifting sands of this crisis. But let us all be in prayer as to how we can be of service to each other and our community in practical and loving ways during this unprecedented time in most of our lives. Ideas and suggestions can be sent to the church office while the Governing Board seeks to provide a framework on which we can begin to build ways to help. More on this later as well.

What about the Children’s Discipleship Wing?

Check out the Rock Notes to see pictures of the demolition of the little house. It is now gone.  But the Governing Board is hesitant to launch into a lot more until the present crisis has passed. We will continue to work to identify a contractor for the project and acquire an architect to do the blueprint. All of that is necessary before any more can really be done on the project itself. Our goal would be to have the “slab” completed as soon as we can in order to get rid of the hole that tearing down the little house will leave. But with the sudden change in economic circumstances, the Governing Board felt it wise to slow down until we know just how deep an economic impact this crisis will present.

What about giving?

This last week we saw a grand total of two contributions to the ministry of the Rock.  Please remember that doing ministry continues to require resources, even when the church isn’t physically gathering. Fortunately, we are just about to the least expensive time of year for HVAC needs at the church building, so we are not having to pay a lot to heat or cool the building. But salaries and ministries (such as moving to live streaming) continue to require funds. Those who wish to give can still do so by mail or electronically. Electronic options include both Funds Transfer options directly from your bank, in which there are usually no fees attached and giving through the Rock app or website, in which case there is a transaction fee. You can find instructions for how to give electronically on the Rock's App. Whatever your choice, please don’t forget your faithful gifts during this season.