Information about Upcoming Services


1. To help maintain social distancing, the seating of the Worship Center will continue to be set for family groupings of 1 to 8 chairs with each grouping separated by six feet. When attending, please choose a group of chairs that fits the size of your family.

2. While we will continue to recommend that masks be worn, especially when entering, exiting, and singing, the wearing of masks will be left to your own discretion.

3. If you have any symptoms of respiratory illness or are just not feeling well, we ask that you choose to stay home and enjoy the service on our live-stream platform.

4. Hand Sanitizer stations are full and can be found just across from either of our main entrance doors.All it takes is "half a squirt" to thoroughly sanitize your hands.

5. We plan to have Kids on the Rock for 4 yrs old - 3rd grade upstairs in the large classroom. We will set up the room with social distancing "X"'s indicating where children should sit. Kids from the same family can share an "X". Children will watch a Bible video during the sermon portion of the service while leaders care for and instruct them following the video. Masks are recommended, but not required.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes we ask that you contact the church office at

The Rock's Reopening Plan

Stage 1 (May 1-15) - We will begin to prepare for relaunching our services, but will not hold public services. Rather, we will continue to live-stream services through the Rock web site (

Stage 2 (May 16-29) - We will begin live-streaming from the Worship Center with "dress rehearsal" services. If practical, we will invite up to 15 people to serve as the "congregation" for these services, enabling us to study and plan for larger gatherings in light of the COVID-19 requirements.

Stage 3 (May 30-June 12) - We will open the Worship Center for public services of up to 50 participants. This will mean providing two services each week; one at 10:30 Sunday mornings (which will be live-streamed) and one on a day and time yet to be determined. These services will continue to observe COVID-19 protocols, which will be published as we get closer to those dates.

Stage 4 (June 13-26) - We will open the Worship Center for public services with a restriction of 75 people per service due to social distancing guidelines. At this stage, we will also reimplement our Children's Ministries. Other restrictions will be evaluated as we get closer to this stage.

Of course, this schedule could be disrupted should the state determine that the public health criteria for advancing from one stage to the next is not met. In any event, new cleaning regimens will continue to be implemented as a precaution against sharing any viruses among us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Streaming Services?

As we continue this experience of being the church scattered, we are making a change to our Sunday morning service technology. As helpful as Zoom has been for our services, we have been experiencing an increasing number of glitches that interfere with some folks' reception of the service. So, we have decided this week to begin live-streaming the service. We have not done this before because we needed an additional piece of equipment that has now been acquired and incorporated, thanks to the efforts of David Mather and Daniel Geaslen. So this week:




Another way to access the services is to subscribe to theRock Media & Worship on Youtube.

Click Here to find our YouTube channel


Is there any way for groups to meet online for prayer or study or just fellowship?

Yes! Several groups have been able to meet over the last week using a program called Zoom.  In our last update I told you that Zoom can be used for free in 40 minute increments. But to eliminate the inconvenience of stopping and starting meetings in that time-frame, we have subscribed to Zoom as a church. This means that if leaders would like to host a meeting of their group or ministry team, they can contact the office and get the credentials needed to host a Zoom meeting. We are also investigating the feasibility of doing a live Zoom service on Sunday where anyone can log into the service and participate together.  

What about ministry opportunities?

I’m glad you are asking such a question, because opportunities to minister to each other and our community will abound during this season. But it will require creativity, sensitivity, and compassion if we are going to reach out. Not only are people dealing with illness, isolation and fear, but there are going to be very real economic consequences for many people who are already economically vulnerable both within the church and outside of it. Up until now, the Elders and Governing Board have had to focus on simply regaining our footing on the constantly shifting sands of this crisis. But let us all be in prayer as to how we can be of service to each other and our community in practical and loving ways during this unprecedented time in most of our lives. Ideas and suggestions can be sent to the church office while the Governing Board seeks to provide a framework on which we can begin to build ways to help. More on this later as well.

What about the Children’s Discipleship Wing?

The Governing Board is hesitant to launch into a lot more until the present crisis has passed. We will continue to work to identify a contractor for the project and acquire an architect to do the blueprint. All of that is necessary before any more can really be done on the project itself. Our goal would be to have the “slab” completed as soon as we can in order to get rid of the hole that tearing down the little house will leave. But with the sudden change in economic circumstances, the Governing Board felt it wise to slow down until we know just how deep an economic impact this crisis will present.

What about giving?

 Please remember that doing ministry continues to require resources, even when the church isn’t physically gathering. Fortunately, we are just about to the least expensive time of year for HVAC needs at the church building, so we are not having to pay a lot to heat or cool the building. But salaries and ministries continue to require funds. Those who wish to give can still do so by mail or electronically. Electronic options include both Funds Transfer options directly from your bank, in which there are usually no fees attached and giving through the Rock app or website, in which case there is a transaction fee. You can find instructions for how to give electronically on the Rock's App. Whatever your choice, please don’t forget your faithful gifts during this season.