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Hello Rock,

What an incredible time of prayer we had at the church last night. About 20-25 of the Rock family came together to pray for unity and wisdom as we take this time of prayer to direct our decision. I am so grateful to Thomas Netzley for initiating and leading this. You should also know that there will be a couple of other special times of prayer over the next two Saturdays. On the 1st we will meet to pray at 10 AM while the kids practice their Easter program, and on the 8th we will meet at 8:30 AM to pray together before our Sunday meeting the following day. 

For today, I would encourage us to pray over the preparations that need to take place before anything can move forward on the Children's Discipleship Wing. Our prayer times are a part of that, as are a couple of Governing Board meetings. Please pray for your Governing Board as they seek the Lord together. They are sifting through enormous amounts of information with an eye toward helping everyone understand, in as simple a way as possible, the options and obligations before us so we can all make an informed decision. In addition, these brothers and sisters are faced with a myriad of other preparatory decisions ranging from how to demolish the little house to whether we should shift to a local architect or whether a general contractor or a knowledgeable consultant would be our best course of action. It can feel like a pretty heavy burden of responsibility at times, so please hold up these volunteer leaders before the Lord: Melissa Mather, Benjamin Shea, Kristy DeWitt, Ralph Dawson, Jason Hale, Gregg Anderson, Dan Kruse, Jamie McPherson, as well as myself. 

And, of course, let's continue to prepare our own hearts by spending time with the Lord, in whose hands all of these things rest. Release to him any anxiety you are feeling about this project or any latent fear that may still be lingering from past experiences. The Scriptures tell us that, "God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." (2 Tim. 1:7) So let us prepare to follow Him together with boldness wherever He leads. For in this way we bring glory to the One who gives us such abundance of life. 

- Pastor Shawn