Welcome to the Rock!

Welcome to the Rock!  We invite you to see how we make space for children in our lives and in the church. How we carry on as an inter-generational family. How we are not satisfied just to be hearers of the Word, but desire to be doers as well for the glory of Jesus. Our goal as a community of the forgiven is to be the evidence of God's presence in the world:  the salt of the earth, a city on a hill, the light of the world. Those are pretty big words, but we believe Jesus is in the business of transforming His children into signs of His presence and agents of His love and grace. So, look around, come on by, and let us know how we are progressing in the grace of God.


Christian & Missionary Alliance

The Rock is a part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) denomination. Click the link below for more information.