So you are thinking of dropping by...
Here's what you can expect


  • What is it like? The Rock is a casual, warm group of people who want to know more about how to walk with God together in a polarized age. So, expect a lot of smiles, handshakes, music, and life.


  • What about my kids? We highly value our kids and yours, making room for them in both our hearts and our building. Nursery is available for kids ages 0-4 years old for the entire service. Kids 4 years old - 5th grade worship with us during the first part of the service and are released to attend their Kids on the Rock classes just before the message.


  • What about security? The Rock utilizes a reliable check-in system that assures parents and teachers that kids are where they are supposed to be. Children receive a unique check in code and parents are requried to show their check in slip with a matching code in order to check kids out of their classes.  We also have a trained security team who keep a look out for anything that seems out of place.


  • Where do I park? Guest parking and parking for people with mobility issues and small children is right in front of the church building. If this is full, you can also park in our overflow lot at Lone Star Middle School and either take The Rock shuttle or make the short walk back to the church building.


  • What do I wear?  The Rock is casual about our appearance. So come as you are!


  • How can I get connected?  Many at The Rock connect in one of our Community Groups, Bible studies, or prayer gatherings. Some enjoy participating in different ministry and service opportunities. Some just take their time connecting over coffee before or after the service. Connect at your own pace and as God leads. You will never be pressured at The Rock.