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Hi Rock Family,

We had another great time of prayer at church today. As we prayed we could hear the children practicing their Easter songs upstairs, and we were reminded of just why we are looking at taking on this project in the first place. As parents and grandparents, and as the Church of Jesus Christ, our first responsibility is to lead our own children to Jesus and to grow them up to be mature, fully-developed disciples of Christ. This, in part, is why we pray so earnestly for God's wisdom and leading in preparing a space in which our children, and the neighbor children, and the children of the next generation might meet Jesus and grow their whole lives in Him.  So I guess the "P" over which I encourage you to pray today is the "Point". To remember why we are doing this. It is not to create the perfect building or even to grow the church numerically. Rather, it is to provide a space that children can call "home" in the church. A place where they know they will always be loved, and where they feel secure and valued for who they are. A safe space for both learning and play, where life-long friendships are born and the "joy of the Lord" is palpable. We pray that this space that we build will come to be a place that our children will always cherish and will remember with deep fondness and gratitude as they move into adulthood themselves. Not because it was a great room. But because it was a place of unconditional love.So the prayer today is that we always remember the point. Long after the building is built, whatever it may look like, may it be filled with children and adults who unashamedly love each other and enter into the joy of their master, the Giver of the house and the Family.

-Pastor Shawn