Our Missions Mobilization Team

Lori Tierney

 Lori became a follower of Jesus Christ at age 34 as she was surrounded by loving Christians who were praying for her salvation.  She chose The Rock Church to be her church family because of its emphasis on missions and serves as the leader of the Missions Mobilization Team.  She has also served in Arizona. 

Lori says, “It is my passion that everyone has Christians loving into their lives and praying for them.”

Paul Bruening

Paul accepted Christ as Savior at age 11 and as Lord at age 21.  He has served the Lord in Idaho, Missouri and Alaska as a youth pastor, church planter, pastor, police officer and fire department chaplain. 

God’s calling has taken Paul to cross-cultural ministry in Russia,  Chile and Mexico where he is known as Pavel and Pablo.  Paul enjoys meeting people of all ages in all places, seeks to “live a life of love” (Ephesians 4:1) and hopes for all people everywhere to truly know God. 

Paul’s adventures have taken him under and on the waters, from ocean beaches to mountain tops and into the skies.

Valerie Dawson

Valerie  became a believer in Jesus Christ at age 19.  She became very interested in missions while in college and attended the Urbana Missions Conference where she answered the call from the Lord to serve in missions.

Valerie married Ralph, who was also called to missions.  After Ralph completed mechanic and pilot training, they served with Mission Aviation Fellowship in the jungles of Irian Jaya, Indonesia for over 12 years, raising four children.  Then they served another 14 years in the national U.S. office.  Currently she and Ralph are serving with Novo discipling church leaders in several world areas.

Valerie says, “It has been such an amazing privilege to help bring the gospel to unreached tribal groups and my deep desire is to see people know the Lord and deepen  their relationship with Him.”

Gail Bundy

Gail became a better follower of Jesus in her 30’s.  When she was in contexts that were traditionally held by males, and in widowhood, she clung to Jesus when circumstances could have dictated otherwise.  “My optimism is not dead.”  Growing up in a military family and traveling as an adult (3 countries and many states) sparked an interest in other cultures.  God used her cab company as a ministry.  People sometimes donated for the needy and requested prayers because Gail was a Christian.  From bikers to bars Gail prayed for those in need.  “I want people to see Jesus in me.”

Volunteers Are Welcome

Areas of Service Are:

If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, contact Lori Tierney (loritierney070@gmail.com).

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Helpers for Local Events
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